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  • An T Nguyễn

    vnmese guy: chi. co’ xe pha?i 0?

    moi: oh 0, ddi. bo^.

    guy: ooooh, ok, em go+?i ho.c sinh dde^”n ddo’n chi.

  • Bòn Idlehouse

    coi chừng nó buôn bà già

    bán mẹ nó across border

  • An T Nguyễn

    ja, driving off to nowhere me no know

    how scary

  • Bòn Idlehouse


    “em kêu hs để xe với chìa khoá đó cho tôi, tôi thích tự mình lái”

    oai không?

  • An T Nguyễn


    should me go for a wa(.c to get milk tea?

  • Bòn Idlehouse

    he must be my age?

  • An T Nguyễn

    even younger me think? arrived to start ph.d. in 2004

  • oh, here’s the guy, looks too old in pix, non choe.t in real life     [link]

     Bòn Idlehouse
  • omg

    phd 3 yrs

    nó là ma à ?

    i wanna make quick friend

    next summer you hook me up

  • An T Nguyễn


  • Bòn Idlehouse

    or lemme tự gửi thư giới thiệu

    xin chào

  • An T Nguyễn

    if u have master, me sink phd is quick, esp. in engineering


  • Bòn Idlehouse

    nghe nói cậu quen chị tôi ?

  • An T Nguyễn

    to^i la` em cu?a chi. An

  • Bòn Idlehouse


  • An T Nguyễn

    to^i cu~ng muo^’ng ddi party too

  • Bòn Idlehouse

    0 oai

  • An T Nguyễn

    ca^.u go+?i ng` dde^’n ddo’n

    to^i o+? Berkeley

  • Bòn Idlehouse

    Chào cậu Tân, nghe nói cậu quen chị tôi ? Tiến sĩ An ? họ Nguyễn?

    nếu đúng người thì tôi xin tự giới thiệu

    Tôi là bác sĩ phu nhân X

    cậu có bịnh gì cứ tìm chồng tôi

    anh ấy quen nhiều bác sĩ

  • An T Nguyễn


  • Bòn Idlehouse

    tôi kèm them danh thiếp của tôi

    khi nào rảnh cậu liên lạc cho vui

    thân ái đoàn kết,

    ký tên

    vậy mới có khí thế

As Tran has predicted, it has gotten easier and busier. Also, I’ve sort of made a commitment to stay offline more to tend to businesses. Like getting our taxes done. And getting our FlexOne reimbursement done. Packing. Searching for housing. Child-proofing. Selling and giving stuffs away to de-clutter. Cleaning. Driving May to more playdates. Some weeks we go out as many as 6 times to see people and experience new things. I used to blog a bit here and there when I wore May for her naps. In December I switched to holding her or laying down with her for day time naps to give my shoulders a break. So blogging during naps is out. I’m feeling too rushed these days to collect my thoughts anyway. Many nights I can’t sleep and my mind is a runaway train of thoughts but nothing get recorded. Days pass in a haze like that.

Already, trees around here have buds on the branches. I look at pictures in California and remember that now is the time early flowers bloom. White pear flowers, pink and white cherry blossoms, purple plum, white apricot, pinkish white apple, dark pink and puffy white quince, blush pink ornamental plum, yellow forsythia.. They’re coming out over there. I remember sending an email to Les 3 years ago telling him all about spring in CA and he wrote back saying how DC just got buried in snow and he was so sick of all this snow and couldn’t wait for spring. We have snow here tonight. I’m not sick of snow, but I remember. Les is in CA now, though I forgot to ask him yesterday if he noticed the flowers.

Tet this year will probably not be observed. I did mention something about making an effort to take May to a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Lancaster, but we’ll see about that. More snow next week they said.

I had a dream about Christine, a friend from middle school. There was a reunion and then we got this shocking news that Christine just lost part of her leg due to some sort of genetic disorder. She, being a very stylish and pretty young woman now, was in shock in my dream. I didn’t know what to say, it was awful. Then I had anther dream where I was about to get married to Son, but I couldn’t get ready fast enough. Like all my clothes didn’t fit right and I couldn’t find the items I wanted to wear. So everyone were rushing me and I was in the room saying “wait, wait, please!” But they didn’t. The officiator left and all parties followed. My wedding got cancelled.
Then, in another dream, An and I were going out, except I discovered that I had a hole in my panties. We were in a hurry, An was rushing me. But the dress I had on also had a big hole right where the hole in my panties was. So it was like a bulls eye. And still I was rushed.

But let’s not dwelve into interpretation of my dreams. Try An’s. She had a dream where Huy (our oldest brother) got into an ugly fight with my mom, and then she saw Huy coming out of room super bloody everywhere. She went into room to find my mom nailed into a cross (like Jesus) and was crying silently as she writhed her arms trying to free herself. My dad was sitting at the foot of the cross with headphones listening to music and playing his keyboard. An frantically ran around looking for a hammer so she could wrench the nails to free my mom, and my dad was saying that he has awarded mom to Huy, so now he’s trying to stay out of their business. By the time An finally found a wrench, my mom was able to free herself by ripping her hands from the nails, hence walking around with huge hole in both hands, bleeding madly. An insisted that she goes to ER right away, but somehow my mom said they must wash 10 lbs of veggies first. So An and mom ended up washing 10 lbs of veggies.

I have to type this one up because An left them as offline messages for me, and Yahoo IM archive does not save offline messages.

The dreams that we dream.

thadieu: ho` ho`, good news dear
thadieu: u’ll get apartment for next whole wk , and germans come back on Jan 10th
idlehouse: MI’U
idlehouse:ME LOOF GERMS
idlehouse:starting 22nd ?
thadieu: so we can resume our schedule starting monday already dear
thadieu:no no, next wk
idlehouse: sooner ?
thadieu: the 13th
idlehouse: so me can talk ma^’t da.y to Tram starting today ?
thadieu: he back on 19th-20th, (weekend), so we shift to Tram
thadieu: then back partying again from 22nd to Jan 5th
thadieu: all to yourself dear
idlehouse: me loike
thadieu:super nice eh
idlehouse: let me give him a gift
idlehouse:of a cat
idlehouse:in VN
idlehouse: it means a lot
idlehouse: me shiawwao
thadieu: don’t make moi laugh loud dear, he’s sitting right behind
idlehouse:back soon dear
idlehouse:mayo nappo 2 hrs
thadieu: so it’s all settled, u come over on 13th
idlehouse: mi’u
idlehouse: me loike
idlehouse: let me tell son’s momo
idlehouse:ask him where does he think i will stay on the 12th ?
idlehouse: push for the 11th dear
idlehouse:these people if you get aggressive you might get far

thadieu: damn, me hungry…
idlehouse:ba’nh mi` ?
idlehouse:‘me have ba’nh gio` fresh and boba dear
thadieu: ja, moi take 2 ba’nh gio` to worko
thadieu: ate 1.5 ba’nh mi` last night
thadieu: ra’ch me. no’ ho.ng
thadieu: will nu+o+’ng ba’nh mi` less tonight
idlehouse: ya ya
idlehouse: me had that problem aussi
idlehouse:super crunchy
thadieu: u think u can get another 10 o^? ba’nh mi` when u come back?
thadieu: and 10 ca’i ba’nh of all sorts from nha` ha`ng Van ?
idlehouse: definitely
idlehouse:you know how my mother in law is
idlehouse:just say the word
idlehouse:and you’ll get 20
thadieu: should we push it? 5 lbs ba’nh u+o+’t from huong giang?
idlehouse: no problem
idlehouse: really
idlehouse: not an issue at all
thadieu: ok, me’ll put together an order
idlehouse: you want the deed to their house too ?
idlehouse: me can start working on it now
thadieu: currently: 10 ba’nh mi` thi.t, 5 ba’nh gio`, 3 ba’nh te’t, 5 lbs ba’nh u+o+’t
thadieu: 1 ca^y cha? lu.a to eat w/ ba’nh u+o+’t
thadieu: please don’t tell yo mother in law, moi li?nh cha.y from ca’i ly smoothie…
idlehouse:me bravely drank it
idlehouse:you owe me

thadieu: ho` ho`
thadieu: u better hope
thadieu: me don’t eat all xi’ mu.i
thadieu: very tempting
thadieu: a room full of them here
idlehouse: oh eat
idlehouse: me hate them
idlehouse: was only testing you
thadieu: dda’ be^? ma(.t !!
idlehouse: like jesus
idlehouse: don’t make me lol, mayo is sleeping!!

alpha: bé May hay bị bệnh không
idlehouse: nope
idlehouse: con tui pha^y pha^y
idlehouse: tro+`i la.nh tui nhie^`u khi cho no’ la.nh ti’ ti’
idlehouse: bu.ng a^’m dda^`u a^’m
idlehouse: cha^n tay la.nh
idlehouse: no’ ra gio’ 0 bi. so^? mu~i
idlehouse: ma` gio+` cu
alpha: đúng rồi, cho mặc phong phanh 1 tí
idlehouse: `cu~ng chu+a bie^’t ddu+o+.c
idlehouse: ta.i no’ ddang bu’ su+~a me.
idlehouse: tui la` immune system cu?a no’ ma`
idlehouse: co’ gi` thi` tui bi.nh
idlehouse: chu+’ no’ 0 bi.nh
alpha: bé Ni hồi nhỏ giờ bệnh có 1 lần
alpha: mọc răng cấm hồi nào tui cũng ko biết
idlehouse: wow
idlehouse: Ni gio?i
idlehouse: 0 so^’t
alpha: nó chơi nguyên hàm hồi nào ko ai biết hết
idlehouse: wow
alpha: giờ thứ gì chỉ cũng cháp hehe
idlehouse: ngu? 0 bi. ha`nh ?
idlehouse: va^,y cha le’ nuo^i gio?i
alpha: ừa, thấy bình thường
idlehouse: con va^,y dde? nguye^n lu+’a ddi


Posted on: August 21, 2009

idlehouse: ddo^` tra^u ca`y !!

alpha: do bong con suot ngay
alpha: 😀
idlehouse: ddang bong

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jackie chow: I am going to FAIL YOUR TEST!
jackie chow: D:
idlehouse: no way!!
idlehouse: i have faith in you!!!
jackie chow: well, I clicked on May’s test
jackie chow: and I’m already confused about the first question!
jackie chow: Me?
jackie chow: May?
jackie chow: May’s age isn’t an option!
idlehouse: d
jackie chow: she’s not 1 yet!
jackie chow: Jackie is so confused!
idlehouse: therein lies your lifelong struggle
idlehouse: said the wise one
jackie chow: very true
jackie chow: xD
jackie chow: uh oh…loading
idlehouse: come on jackie
idlehouse: you be my soulmate
idlehouse: be mine be mine
jackie chow: …it keeps “loading”
idlehouse: bad wifi
idlehouse: no info received
jackie chow: HAHA!!!  One right answer!
jackie chow: I bet it’s the one you gave me
idlehouse: judas!
jackie chow: Matthew!
jackie chow: wait…you TOLD me the wrong answer!
jackie chow: You said D!
idlehouse: dont call His name in vain
jackie chow: but the answer was E!
jackie chow: oh, the only one I got right WAS I love you
jackie chow: that’s funny
idlehouse: ya!!
idlehouse: love
jackie chow: Ooooh, Man, that was clear
idlehouse: is the answer
jackie chow: I should have chosen that answer
jackie chow: the “yes” ones…WHAT!?
idlehouse: to ALL in life
idlehouse: remember thayt
idlehouse: many times in life
jackie chow: oh, your quiz IS may’s quiz
idlehouse: you get different shades of yes
idlehouse: that’s the moral
jackie chow: the answer always has the word “May” in it?
idlehouse: “yes”
jackie chow: oh, but that doesn’t work..
jackie chow: yar
idlehouse: poor juk
idlehouse: at least your heart i in the right place
jackie chow: T______T
jackie chow: OK, gotta get dressed and run down to the train
jackie chow has signed out. (7/16/2009 6:50 PM)

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